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    hello this forum has very few rules but here are a couple of them that ive thought up just now and also some supplementary reading if you want to know about the kind of "culture" im trying to promote here

    rule #1 dont be a piece of shit this is kind of a catchall rule that ill use and abuse to keep the board clear of fucktards hellbent on being dickheads
    rule #2 dont post anything illegal or morally bankrupt(child pornography including drawn/anime/3d shit, bestiality, doxing, drugzzz, snuff, ect)
    rule #3 dont spam or attempt to break the forum
    rule #4 dont be under 18 years old this isnt a forum for kids thats why theres that warning on the homepage lol i cant change the coppa age requirement to 18 from 13 with vbulletin w/o modifying the code(not supported by vbul) but if i find out youre under 18 ur banned
    rule #5 youre responsible for everything you post here so make sure you have the appropriate copyrights and legal ability to post what u post or upload or whatever, im not going to actively go out of my way to check whether or not every image you embed is an intellectual property owned by you but if somebody comes along and sees their work being stolen and asks me to remove it i will and ill also probably bonk you with a ban or something for making moderate my own forum

    those are the big rules for now i cant really think of any more atm i can add more later but those will almost always get you instantly banned

    id also like to let you know about some guidelines where warnings may be utilized that could ultimately lead to a ban if ignored over a period of time depending on the severity of the behavior im trying to curb

    guideline #1 try to stay on topic, this one isnt super important because i like organic conversation but if i see somebody posting a gaping asshole spewing shit all over a turkey in a thread called "how best to tip your delivery man" thats obviously just trying to ruin the thread and ill probably delete the post and warn you about it(unless the context is really fucking funny and appropriate for the flow and ebb of dialogue occurring then ill *like* youre post )

    guideline #2 in this forum flaming(definition: being aggressive and trolling somebody oft with harsh language) is encouraged if done for the sake of comedy and doesnt go too far i know that some people like to toe the line on what constitutes too far but dont worry ill let you know if you do i guess ill put it like this if you see somebody post a picture of a pizza and it looks like shit by all means call it shit and call the guy a moron for thinking thats postworthy but if somebody posts about how they got abused as a kid dont use that to zing them later because that is... TOO FAR razz dont destroy people lmfao

    guideline #3 try to keep things self-contained here dont take peoples posts and put them on twitter or otherwise leak the forum outside and on top of that dont leak outside forum drama into the forum its fucking lame and while not a hard coded rule depending on what youre doing this might go anywhere from a warning to an instant permaban

    guideline #4 memes and political chat are discouraged id rather see people post original funny things than regurgitate what they saw on reddit or 4chan and on top of that politics are stupid and dont really have a place on this forum so regardless if youre on the right or left if you start spewing political shit youll get warned until you get banned if you dont stop

    guideline #5 i had to think about this one a bit and ive decided that the board will not be all nsfw but there will be forums that are and are publicly available to all members who request access to them the only adult content that can be posted must be posted in those nsfw forums and so i think i will try to keep the reminder to not post pictures of yourself unless you understand that this forum is not hidden and can be seen by anyone and your visage may be used for nefarious purposes by assholes on the internet

    guideline #6 and this might come as a surprise from all that negative DONT DO THIS DONT DO THAT talk i just did but.. a good posting guideline to follow is... HAVE FUN a big part of the internet for me anyway is coming up with a posting persona and posting things that dont have to reflect everything you believe and hold dear irl all the worlds a stage baby just keep in mind there is always a veil of irony implied on every post you make here so have fun w/ it and post shit you otherwise wouldnt
    hi im da owner(read:pwner) of idlewebsite